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Hello Sisters and Brothers!

I have been sick and am honoring my body and giving her what she needs, so this month I am sharing some sacred wisdom from my mentor, my friend, my late Uncle Digby, whom I dedicate my work to.

My Uncle Digby is a wise and gentle soul, I say is, because he is still here with me and his words and lessons come through in my teachings all the time and I wanted to share a bit of him with you this month.

A letter I received from Digby many years ago included the following (Digby always typed in all lower case & I want to honor his unique expression):

"my guide and companion is stone michael. he has been my wisdom in need and anchor in the storm. he is my truthstone and journey master from ancient times. i asked him what is spirituality and how could i become more spiritual. i have attached his answer with this note."


spirituality is a softness in the universe

it is a place where all is at rest

and at peace with all else

it is not something you make happen

it is an invitation

a beckoning

you may find spirituality

by recognizing yourself as you are now

by enjoying and delighting in all of your being now

by accepting all your disowned fragments now

spirituality comes as much from what you let go of

as it does from what you create

when you let go of your ugliness

you make room for laughter

when you let go of your fear

you make room for curiosity

when you let go of your shame

you make room for vision

when you let go of your helplessness

you make room for creation

when you let go of your childishness

you make room for wisdom

when you let go of your arrogance

you make room for partnership

spirituality is a view of the universe

it is knowing the sanctity of all creation

spirituality comes from being within creation


all of creation is a conversation

you and i are chords in that conversation

digby * july 1999

I cherish the moments of memory that I have tucked away of my time with Digby. I miss him more with my growth and his absence, how I wish we could sit with some tea and listen to the trees, and ponder the wind and the stars.

Until we meet again ~ Slans Turas (Safe Journey's)

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