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Client Testimonials

I already knew Sheree was a loving, compassionate, gentle healer whose intuitive abilities resulted in an amazing healing. Her womb healing amped that to another whole level. It was a powerful, life altering healing that left me in total awe and peace. As she guided me through the healing a slew of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations rushed through my body. The insights I had and the clearing of energy left me feeling lighter and wiser. It was a total rebirth!

- Olga G.

"I decided to try a healing with Sheree as I am trying to extend my family with my husband. All I can say is WOW. The healing that Sheree did on me was AMAZING! It was the first one that I ever had a healing and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I entered it will an open mind. It was so REFRESHING! She made me so comfortable that I just opened up to receive what I needed. As it was occurring I was floating above myself but I didn’t see anything that was going on. I was in a new world where there were flowers blooming but they were changing colors from green to yellow to red to orange. It looked like I was watching an old fashion movie on a projector screen. I could see how happy I was going to be after the session. I saw a baby to my left and two babies to my right. I got kissed by a woman but I wasn’t sure who. I got my healing done in May of 2016. The healing changed my life for the better. After the healing I felt lighter and relieved. About a week later I could feel my body changing. My confidence change for the better, I felt more womanly and lighter. I am a better person after that healing and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!!!"

- Mistie M.

Sheree provides a safe and confidential environment where each person is afforded their sacred space to either silently or actively participate in the exploration of their souls. There is never judgement, just love and support. Sheree has the inate ability to lead you on a path of self discovery which inevitably leads all the pure knowing of our own divine nature. I would encourage all to participate in her workshops and soul support groups. I leave her presence feeling more aware, present in the moment, and with a clear knowing that I am always loved and supported. I am profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed and that I connected with such a loving and compassionate spiritual teacher.

Much love and God bless.

- Anne McGrath

Sheree Is a beautiful teacher, her genuine desire to help others heal really shines through.

Linda W.

Words cannot truly express how deeply grateful and profoundly moved I have been by Sheree. Our paths crossed at the perfect time in my life and she has been a teacher who truly walks her talk. What began as a synchronistic meeting turned into a recognition of the soul sister in each of us. I didn’t know how I had longed to meet her until I did. I feel so privileged to have been taught by all levels of Reiki by her and am continuing on my journey with her by embracing my Divine Feminine with her support, love, encouragement and grace. She is a Goddess whose light shines so brightly that it’s hard not to feel my own radiance when I’m with her. I am so honored to call her my teacher, my friend and most definitely my Soul Sister. I love her dearly and would not be who I am on this journey of mine without her. xoxo

- Shannon K.

Sheree is one of the most amazing energy workers I've had the pleasure to encounter. She is so down to earth and really good at what she does. If your needing some guidance, healing or just some TLC she's your gal

- N.K.

Sheree is one of the most beautiful, magical, honest and pure souls to grace this world. Her light is ever bright and shining, lending guidance and purity to all she crosses. Her gentle and calming nature is one that is unfound elsewhere. From the moment you meet her, you will never forget her :) Keep shining brightly!!

- Jennifer B.

Dear Sheree,

Thank you so much for yesterday. The class was wonderful. You have a great presence and your "down to earth" demeanor kept me hopeful. The participants were super. I just finished my first Reiki and it was the BEST. I was able to relax and let the process happen. I'm looking forward to "my" reiki each and every day. I can't wait to do reiki on my husband!

- Dianna T.

Hi Sheree, It has been a great privilege, both, to have received reiki from you and to have been your student for Reiki II and Reiki Master/Teacher. You have not only welcomed me and taught me well, but taught me to honor my own abilities. My reiki treatment with you was absolutely amazing. I felt better and lighter than I had in a long time. I was blessed to have been in your reiki classes. You were patient with me and made sure I understood everything and got it all down. You helped me be confident in both my ability and my intuition. I am so glad that our paths met, thank you!

- Eric W.

Co-owner of Be Amazing Holistic Health

Hey Sheree,

Just want to thank you again for the wonderful Reiki session. I've been saying my mantra and it feels as though it's hit it exactly right when you acknowledged I was afraid to be in this body & your healing energy is so fairy like gentle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Deb W.

Hi Sheree

Thank you so much for the class yesterday! It was amazing and I am so grateful to have met you and been a part of the class. I will thank Shannon, too, for sharing with me! It was very uplifting and empowering, while so nurturing at the same time.....I really appreciated your caring nature and openness. I felt honored to have you as a teacher. I will definitely be in touch to practice, and would also LOVE to have a session with you. When do you usually do them?  Thank you again!

- Lisa J.

Sheree is a bright light! My 1st connection to Reiki locally, I have felt welcome & supported in my journey. My 1st Reiki with Sheree was @Heaven on Earth -Angel Fair for 20 minutes. I felt like I was floating & incredibly healed. I since have had a 1hr session which was also truly amazing. I have attended both the Reiki Share & Women's Gathering as well as been welcomed to practice at the Reiki Share. Sheree is Wise Woman who emanates true compassion. Anyone having the opportunity to work with her will enjoy a gift of uplifting & healing.

- Jenn S.

Sheree, thank you so much for today's Reiki II experience. You teach and represent the healing art with much Reverence, Grace & Wisdom what a gift you are . You know phrase..."when the student is ready the teacher will come". I want to let you know I am very appreciative & blessed, that you have been available in this time, to be a teacher for me now. One of the most perfect teachers, at the perfect time. in the perfect place-wow for me trifecta!

I also wanted to let you know, I arrived home safely in my chariot. Thank you for the exit prayers I felt steadier driving homeward. I think I must have "fried-burned" a blower motor. the dash board fan switch is no longer working. Whew...I will dare to pop the hood tomorrow....if/when the weather clears. - Donna F.

- Donna F.

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