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Upcoming Classes and Events


Goddess Blessing Events

We are now celebrating the Aquarian Age, a time to return and own the power of the Divine Feminine. Join us as we gather together in intention and meditation to anchor in these energies, remember your true magnificence and power,  and embrace the Goddess within each of us. 

Sheree works with the Divine Feminine Goddess energy as a Womb Awareness Guide and Reiki Master and will come to each participant and share healing, an energetic blessing and a message to guide you into thriving in this new age. We will be working with a different Goddess energy each month so you can experience all the different archetypal energies available to assist you in your journey of Awakening and Remembrance.

January 15th 6:30 - 9:00 PM @ New Awakenings, Kingston MA

January 17th 6:30 - 9:00 @ Sarah Glover Skincare & Wellness, Osterville MA

Moon Meditations

The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, which offers us powerful energies to connect to for transformation during her many phases. Working regularly with her cycles helps to bring us back into the natural rhythms of creation that have been lost to us.  

NEW MOON: The Dark Moon is a powerful time to release the energies that are no longer serving your highest potential. These times hold the discovery of who you are. As we are deep in the heart of eclipse season, join Sheree in meditation and intention to journey into the dark and let go for inner transformation.

January 25th 6:30 - 8:00 pm @ Sarah Glover Skincare & Wellness, Osterville, MA

FULL MOON: The Fullness of the Moon is a powerful time to add extra power to intentions already in the works, it represents a completion of things. Join us in meditation to connect with your intentions and amplify them to completion.

January 10th 6:30 - 8:00 pm @ Sarah Glover Skincare & Wellness, Osterville, MA

Reiki Training

Sunday- March 29th
Reiki Level Two Training and Certification 
11:00 a.m. - 5
:00  p.m.

Cost: $200
at Wild Divinity, Carver, MA

This Reiki One class is designed specifically for caregivers and practitioners providing body work, counseling and care for their family, friends and/or clients. (You may be a professional caregiver, or if you are a Mom/Dad, pet owner, friend…you are a caregiver!)
In her Reiki/Energy Medicine practice, Sheree works with many people experiencing devastating illnesses and their families. She has also worked with colleagues experiencing the burnout that happens when you give too much of yourself without taking time for your own self care. In essence we are all caregivers in some area of our life.
This class will focus on the benefits of Reiki in keeping yourself healthy and in balance while offering comfort, stress relief and relaxation for your clients or loved ones experiencing any physical, emotional and medical challenges.
In Reiki First Degree you will learn about and are attuned to the ancient energy healing of Reiki. Learn the history of Reiki, hand positions, self healing and give and receive a full Reiki Healing Session. With the Reiki attunement you will leave with the ability to channel Reiki. You will be permanently aligned to begin healing yourself and others including people, animals, plants and more. Manual and Certificate included. Deepen your understanding of Reiki with another attunement to further open your healing channels and increase the energy flow. Class will include:
* Review what you learned in Reiki I
* Learn and understand the use of the Reiki Symbols
* Learn and experience distance healing
* The importance and practice of transforming thoughtforms
* Using your body as an energy channel
* Hands on practice and group healing to anchor in working with your new symbols
Manual and Certificate included. Pre-Req: Reiki Level I

Psychic Wellness Fairs

Other Workshops & Events

Thurday, December 19th
Mid Week Alignment

5:30 - 8:30
at Shanti Shala, Plympton, MA
ADMISSION: $10 and if you choose to have a healing session that will be an additional fee. We will have free snacks and tea.

I will be offering:
~Hands on energy healing
~Goddess talk guidance session
~Oracle card guidance from the sacred feminine 

20 minutes for $25

EVENT PAGE with Full Details and Offerings

You are invited to experience an evening of asking for exactly what you need. This community event is devoted to relaxation and lots of love. It will be an evening of pure bliss!

We have created a healing event that will nourish you and connect you to your true self. You can choose to focus on your chakras so that you can remember how your own inner dance feels, this will allow you to release then re-connection to all the things you love. You can also choose from the things below.

Sunday, January 12th
Past Life Regression Group Session
2:00 - 4:00 
at The Tranquil Base Sandwich MA

Join us for a lecture and discussion about Past Lives followed by a guided past life journey to explore some of your own.

 Allow yourself to be guided into a deep state of relaxation where you can more easily access the subconscious mind to explore your own past life memories that may result in healing present life challenges or gaining a deeper understanding of your souls unique journey.


Thursday, Janaury 16th

Hands On Vibrational Bliss with Sheree & Darnell

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Cost: $35

at Shanti Shala, Plympton, MA

Join us for an amazing evening filled
with Energy & Vibrations!

We will be using quartz crystal singing bowls combined with hands on healing to promote healing and relaxation. Sound can be a direct path to help heal the body & mind, we will elevate this experience with hands on healing. Darnell and I will share our passion for Energy Healing and Vibrational Healing. You will be surrounded by crystals and the room lit with candles.

Just Blissful! Don't miss out and bring your friends for a wonderful evening of Energy & Vibrations.


Sunday, February 2nd

Sacred Rejuvenation: A Restorative Yoga Workshop for Inner Bliss with Sheree & Darnell

10:00 a.m. - NOON
Cost: $35

at Shanti Shala, Plympton, MA

Come experience Bliss with Sheree & Darnell!

Restorative yoga is a wonderful experience for every body.  We will be integrating many healing modalities to create one unified relaxing experience.

Take an inward journey of healing toward for a renewal of your body and mind through  restorative yoga, therapeutic touch and sound healing . All theses things together will help you reach a deep layer of release.

Over the course of the two-hour we spend together, you will receive guided therapeutic restorative yoga poses with hands-on adjustments using Thai Yoga massage, and energy work. You will relax in postures for 15 minutes using bolsters, blankets and blocks while we come around and pamper you.

Ending with a sound-healing meditation where we will explore the power of the gongs, drums or singing bowls to balance the energy centers in the body to experience vibrational wellness (we will intuitively use the sound that is needed according to the energy in the room).

Pre-Registration Required, this class SELLS OUT QUICKLY!