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You hear me talk a lot about unique flow and vibration. My passion is encouraging my clients to do whatever it takes to discover their unique expression and frequency and live out loud from that space. I wanted to share a story of what it looks like when you live your life from that space of knowing. I experience an extraordinary amount of synchronicity in my life. Sometimes I joke that I feel I am on a guided tour of my life. Ever since I awakened to the wisdom of my womb space I have experienced life from such a different perspective. I have been gifted the knowing that when I show up unapologetically me, that frequency creates an effortless flow of creation, prosperity, connection and abundance in my life. It seems at times that I have a magick touch that brings to me exactly what I need, want and desire.

I have a wonderful old Pontiac G6 that has served me well over the last 9 years. This was the 1st car I bought all on my own, without checking with my husband or my Dad about if this was the right car for me. I was very much in fear but did my best to navigate that fear and hoped I made the right choice. So I stuffed my fear and did what I had to do. In the end I did, we travelled over 230,000 miles together and she took very good care of me. But she was getting tired. Prior to leaving for Ireland this past February I heard an ad on the radio for a car dealer here on Cape Cod. Something about the simplicity and sincerity of this ad made me pay attention. I came home and said to my husband that when it was time for me to get a new car I wanted to buy from this dealer because for some reason my soul trusted the voice coming through the airwaves.

So, that conversation passed and off I went to Ireland with my bestie to visit “our” daughter Maya at Trinity College. A few nights into our trip we had Maya and her roommates over for dinner. I was enjoying getting to know them when her roommate says she is from Cape Cod, and we discover we live about 10 minutes from each other. We talk about some of the mutual things/people we know. She says you are just like my Mom, you probably know her…and goes on to tell me about her Mom, who is the “Kindness Rocks Lady” whom I am sure you know if you are a Cape Codder. Meghan Murphy started the Kindness Rocks Project (you can read more about her inspiration HERE ) and I had created my own rocks to add to her project and love coming across them on my walks. Like me, Meghan is a coach and meditation instructor who is passionate about empowering women to find their grace through her many offerings. My Mom had even just posted pics that day from back home of the Kindness Rocks she had found on her walk that day. So the synchronicities kept coming…..and then the BIG ONE….so then she randomly says she tried to call her Dad that day but forgot it was Presidents Day and couldn’t get a hold of him because he’s a “car guy”. So, my antenna goes up….”Car guy?” I say…She says “Yeah, he owns Falmouth Toyota. And today was a big day there” At this point I am flipping out because this is the exact car dealer whose ad I heard that I trusted! So, I begin to tell her my story of synchronicity and we make a plan that when she returns to the States she will bring me to meet her Dad.

Now why did she even feel the need to tell me that she couldn’t get a hold of her Dad that day? These are the moments I wish to speak of to you ….these are the moments of divine connection that once you begin to recognize them and the frequency they hold they begin to become a road map for the unfolding of your journey here. It’s just like following spiritual breadcrumbs.

Now I find myself a couple of weeks ago with a transmission that starts slipping and I know the time is now, it’s time to pull the trigger on a new car. I call Maggie and she puts me in touch with her Dad at Falmouth Toyota and I start the process. When I hit the lot there are only two used vehicles in my price range and one is off the lot and I won’t be able to see it for a few days, the other is a Toyota Prius which would not have been a car I would have thought to look at. So, I take a look and am starting to become intrigued but didn’t want to just buy the 1st car I like so I say I’d like to look at the other car before I make a decision and agree to come back on Monday. I start asking around and everyone I speak to who owns a Prius, raves about their car and how that’s all they drive, they’ve had 3 of them, they are the best car they’ve ever had…etc…. And on top of that everyone I tell that I am looking at Falmouth Toyota RAVES about them and what an honest, reliable and family dealer they are. They are even closed on Sundays so their employees can spend time with their families. I am feeling completely supported and divinely guided. I go back on Monday and the other car is still not back on the lot. I hemmed and hawed a moment but then feel strongly that it’s not back yet because I am supposed to go with the Prius! So, I did and it was a smooth, easy and effortless decision and purchase. I felt excited and supported throughout the whole process and feel I have gained an amazing new family at Falmouth Toyota and I will add myself to the huge list of people who will tell you that they are truly an honest dealer and a pleasure to work with.

The old me lived in such fear of making a big purchase and spending money, the old me would’ve assumed the dealer was going to screw her over, the old me didn’t think she deserved new and safe car. The old me wouldn’t have trusted that she could afford the payments. She would have sat in fear, held her breath and had an upset stomach through the entire process just wishing for it to be over, stuffing her discomfort.

The new me knows Her worth. She trusts that the Universe is here to support her because that is the frequency and vibration She chooses to live in, one that honors all I need and desire, one that is worthy of abundance and safety. I am finally in a place where I am witnessing the intention and the manifestation of what I positively put my energy into. I live from a space of being open and allowing instead of striving, forcing and pushing. I am in a beautiful dance with life, trusting the ebbs and flows, trusting the grace that got me here and doing all I can to maintain this vibration of creation while honoring the beautiful WomBan I Am.

So, that is what I speak of when I say let me help you find your unique flow, your unique vibration that just lets you drop into it and begin creating from a place of trust. It’s all about allowing the deprogramming of all the outdated beliefs and thought processes that keep you stuck in somebody else’s idea of what your flow should look like. It’s about letting go of what is no longer true for you and letting your life reveal its magick to you. Your Womb is a vessel for manifestation, it is the one place that is for you and you alone, to drop in and create from the primordial space of your deepest feminine wisdom.

If you are ready to embrace your unique expression and begin creating from this place of truth, please know I would be honored to be your guide. Reach out and ask me how clearing your Womb and aligning to your truth will set you free on every level. It has been the most profound awakening of my life and I look forward to sharing this wisdom with you.

Goddess Blessings~!

I Am child free.

This was a conscious choice I made.

I never heard the ticking of the clock they speak of.

Although I love & enjoy babies and children it never felt like something I wanted. And I was blessed with 2 parents who would have loved grandchildren but completely honored my choice and never pressured me into feeling like I had to give them any if it didn’t feel right. My husband also blessed me with a step son to help guide in some small way on his path.

I have other women tell me that they received so much backlash from friends, family and society about choosing not to have children, I never experienced that shaming… thank Goddess!

I wonder if it is because I was truly at peace with that decision and these other women were still attached to society/family/friends view of what they “should” do and so kind of had a little chip on their shoulder waiting to be challenged in their decision.

Either way, my current journey has made it abundantly clear why I chose the road I did.

In awakening to the wisdom that was dormant in my womb, the space I deemed unnecessary to explore because I wasn’t using it for its “purpose” of birthing a baby I slowly began to allow the awareness that my womb is a gift to me. A gift to birth whatever I want into this life of mine. Whether that is a child, a project, a feeling, a teaching, my feminine potential, or deep ancestral wisdom…..all of it is birthed through the sacredness of my temple body, my womb space. My womb is not a vast wasteland just because I chose not to birth a child, it is fertile ground to bring forth all the medicine I am meant to receive and share. All I needed to do was come home to myself and know....I Am Creator….

Because I am child free I have the time and the energy to “Mother” all those who need to gift of the divine nurturing mother within me. I am filled with love to share. I thrive on the energy of nurturing someone to see their own beauty. I am honored to be a sacred space holder for so many women who share with me their stories of loss, heartache, fear, success and awareness. I am grateful to witness them come home to themselves and see just what I see when I look at them, a whole woman doing the sacred work of deeply loving the uniqueness of their essence and beginning to trust the unique flow that is their own.

Now, if I'd had children I probably wouldn’t have had the time or the energy to be present for these women who need my Mothering. Lots of them didn’t even have a Mother in their own mother. In hearing their stories and helping them to heal they are in turn helping me to heal. Sharing our stories with other women is powerful medicine. When we join forces to support each other, uplift and hold space for one another, we amplify the energy of co-creation. Creating a world together in unity and Sisterhood. A world where we all thrive in self love and acceptance. A world where we don’t have to prove our worth, our worth is our sacred birthright.

And as if I was rewarded for honoring my sacred contract I received the gift of both worlds. Liz, my best friend of 42 years gave birth to a baby girl Maya 21 years ago. I have always said she is my daughter that was birthed through my best friend. So, I did have someone to pass on some of my wisdom too, someone to brag about and witness as she grew into herself. And she has grown into the most incredible woman, who shines so brightly from the inside out! In February I was lucky enough to take an epic trip with Liz to see Maya at Trinity College in Dublin and got to spend some true quality time getting to know Maya the woman…and you know what? She is alot like me. So maybe a little of my essence rubbed off. Maybe in some quantum time hop she is my girl. Liz has raised the most amazing children in Maya and her brother Casey. She is the essence of what a Mother is and should be. She is selfless and endlessly loving and the most supportive friend to her kids, her students, her family and to me. I am so grateful that I have had this witness to my life and that she gave me a gift I could never repay, she helped me to honor the Mother within myself.

Sheree & Tiny Maya 1998 ~ Sheree & Maya Dublin 2018 ~ Liz, Maya & Sheree Howth Ireland 2018

And this past weekend I was blessed to officiate the wedding of another young girl that I had the privilege to watch grow into a strong and resilient woman and mother, my friend Amy's beautiful daughter Meri.

So, I have lots of Mothering left to do and I am excited to see what's next!

Life doesn’t always give you what you thought you’d get but it always gives you what you need. Slow down and give yourself some space to listen to that small rhythm inside of you that is crying to be felt and magnified, owned and shared. Embrace what makes you different from everyone else....that is your magick!

Trust Your Flow…..Let’s do this!

If you are having trouble finding that unique vibe of yours reach out and ask me how I can help? I would be honored to be your guide.....

I feel myself slipping into a deeper process, I've been becoming more of the woman I know I can be. I feel I had hit a plateau and allowed myself to get comfortable there because it felt safe but the WomBan within me is calling me to dive even deeper and explore even more of what I deserve, even more of what my heart and my womb are calling out for. A calling for connection, space, trust in the rhythm that flows from me freely when I don't stop it's flow with my fear or my old conditioned responses. So down the rabbit hole I go again and can't wait to share the wisdom that I know is waiting for me there.

I want to share a song that has really touched me during this process of unraveling all that I Am. "I Am Light" by India Arie (see video below) has helped me so much to step deeper into this process and give myself permission to remind myself that I Am light, that there is nothing that I need to do to accept that but breathe into it, soften into it and let it begin to breathe Me. I am not the stories that I tell myself, I am not the voice in my head, I know I am so much more than that and give myself permission to surrender and allow it to be revealed in it's own perfect time.

Are you feeling the call to go deeper? Reach out and ask me how I can help? I would be honored to be your guide.....

Put your hand over your precious, beautiful heart and give yourself permission to take these words deep into the heart of you....YOU ARE LIGHT

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