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Gratitude and Transformation

I just returned from a fun and laughter filled Thanksgiving with my family down in Little Heaven, Delaware. I am filled with such gratitude for a family that enjoys each other so much, that doesn't bicker or fight, that welcomes everyone to our, extended family, new friends and dear old friends. We usually have around 30 people at our table every year give or take a few, 30 unique and beautiful people. There is unity at our table, and anyone with love in their heart is welcome to give thanks with us. That's just one of the many things I love about us!

As I was lost in thoughts of gratitude staring out the passenger window on our ride home I started to notice and pay attention to the billboards lining the highway, advertising all of the things you "need" in your life. There were ads for everything,... insurance, money, loans, cars, plastic surgery, clothing, fast food, Gentleman's Clubs, gyms, jewelry...etc....You get the idea. What I did not notice is one billboard offering you something to heal you from the inside out, all of these things they advertise were things to heal, fix, validate, fulfill or adorn your outer body, the physical You. From all of my soul searching, heart waking, spirit shaking journey there is not one thing outside of myself that has helped me to heal. Healing is an inside job, a gift and a blessing if you allow it. If you stop focusing on all of the outside things that you are being told you need and get quiet....really quiet.....the soft and gentle voice of your Soul will provide you with all you need for this journey.


A message I received recently in meditation sums it up nicely...

"Everyone is looking for love & validation...Until you can give that to yourself there is not enough love or validation in the world to bring you the comfort and peace you seek"

This Holiday Season....Get quiet, listen to that small voice within and begin to Love yourself back to wholeness.....

I send blessings of love and light to you and your family and invite you to join me in continuing to Choose Love and manifest peace & unity on our beautiful Mother Earth.

Goddess Blessings~!


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