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Womb Healing and Illumination

Last May, the life I had allowed myself to get safe and comfortable in shifted, and pushed me toward a new beginning. This new beginning and its endless possibilities woke me up and gently encouraged me to explore deeper a path of self discovery. I had no idea how numb I had become and how much I was “playing it safe” in my personal and spiritual exploration. Although slightly terrified, I allowed myself to feel, to explore my thoughts, my beliefs and my inner landscape….shame, shadows and all. I was finally peeling back the layers that I had been so afraid to look at, the layers that I had hid behind the smoke and mirror show I had created to trick myself into thinking I’d done some deep inner work. This was not always a comfortable journey but one I knew was important to continue. As layer upon layer was revealed I found so many synchronicities and spiritual breadcrumbs that had been guiding me without my conscious knowledge. I reconnected with the energy of the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine that I had silenced within me out of fear of Her strength and I welcomed Her back with reverence and passion. I started feeling my body again, what it had been trying to tell me all this time, as I stuck my fingers in my ears and shifted my attention elsewhere. I took sacred time for myself and honored my need for self care. I trusted my path to unfold before me exactly as it was meant to, without my usual energy of forcing or over thinking. And then I went for my yearly Gynecologist appointment and they found some abnormal cells in my cervix and I was scheduled for a procedure to explore deeper. I have been very healthy my whole life and “procedures” aren’t the norm for me (I thank the Goddess for that!). So... here I am finally listening to my body, doing my “work” and now this?! I gave myself a moment to freak out and then allowed myself to look at this as an opportunity to heal and reveal myself on even a deeper level. I now trust that the Divine Mother has a plan for me so I surrendered to the ride. I began connecting to my Sacral Chakra and my Womb and asking what it was trying to tell me, I did Reiki, Shamanic Healing, journaled, meditated, cried, released and listened. I explored the ladder of healing that my Chakra System offers me and discovered so many layers of myself that I hadn’t known were there. I discovered so many beliefs embedded in me that weren’t my truth. I found fear and anger and shame and I began the path to healing and loving myself on a much deeper level than ever before. Through my own personal journey of healing my womb and cervix I have uncovered some incredible insights and tools for healing the ancestral energy of oppression, suppression, inequality, abuse and patriarchal fear of embracing authenticity, that have held us back as women for so many years. As a child free woman, I discovered that the womb is not only a place to birth children, it is my divine center for creation & manifestation of ALL I wished to birth into my life, the fullness of my feminine spiritual potential and where my deepest guidance and ancient secrets of life lie. So many of us have struggled with opening to our worth, speaking our sacred truth, forgiving the past and loving ourselves deeply. In searching for deeper answers I have found that there is now a global movement for womb awakening, that many other women are receiving the same information I have and having similar experiences. You have no idea the ecstatic energy in my Soul when all that I had been receiving intuitively from my womb space was validated by page after page of women telling their personal stories of womb illumination that mirrored my own. That the Divine Mother has been gifting the knowledge of womb consciousness to women all over the world so we can connect in sacred Sisterhood, heal the collective feminine energies and pave the way for a new way for women to BE in the world. This is a movement to support women in awakening and fully embodying their unique expression of the Divine Feminine, into embracing your authenticity in a world that is trying to make you just like everyone else. I feel so honored to be alive during this time of powerful purpose and a part of this evolutionary journey. So, as my journey continues to reveal itself, I am being asked to bring this knowledge to you. I am finally listening and offering an Introduction to Experiencing the Wisdom of Your Womb in the safe and sacred space of Shanti Shala in Plympton on August 12th. Join me to reveal the forgotten knowledge and wisdom held in connecting to the energy of your womb to heal and empower yourself to live the life you have imagined. A life of freedom, love, healing connection and so much more. Become the midwife of your own re-birth and join the collective energy of Sisterhood as we rise! I hope you will circle up with me in sacred conversation and Sisterhood. I plan to follow this introductory evening with a 4 week series to continue your exploration on a much deeper level. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to ask yourself if you are hearing the call of the Divine Mother and if you are ready to answer and awaken to the life of your dreams. I have also begun to offer Womb Clearing Private Sessions with some pretty overwhelming and amazing results. Here are just a couple of testimonials… I have been fortunate enough to experience the amazing healing hands of Sheree. Her Reiki has always calmed me and I always feel reconnected with myself afterwards. Recently, however I had an unbelievable experience. Over the past year I had been dealing with pretty intense pain during ovulation. I was told that it could be scar tissue from my c-sections, it could be my age, any number of things. So I met with Sheree for a reiki session as I had many times in the past. She described the womb wisdom and as she moved over the area where I had been having the pain and it felt like bubbles popping. Let me say this has been my second month in a row with no pain at all and I am so thankful!! ~ Deb It has been my great honor and privilege to work with Sheree for the last 15 years. Recently I’ve had to go through treatments for Breast Cancer and Sheree has been by my side throughout the process. And I can’t even express how grateful I am. Last week, during my Reiki treatment I feel what seemed to be menstrual cramps, something that had not felt for many years. I mentioned it and Sheree told me that she was clearing my womb. It amazes me how profound the feeling was. Thank you Sheree. ~ Rita Please contact me if you would like to explore the gift of connecting with your womb personally. There is such wonderful transformation at our fingertips!

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