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Endings and Beginnings....

Each month I choose a different Goddess to work with and bring through at my monthly "Goddess Blessing" events....or I could say She chooses me. At the beginning of the year I decided to choose a Goddess Card monthly from Jo Jayson's deck The Sacred Feminine Guidance Cards and her incredible book Self Love Through the Sacred Feminine. I thought this was perfect because there are 13 cards in the deck and it would take us through an entire year of journeying together and embracing the Goddess wisdom that is coming through so powerfully right now asking us to love and accept our Goddess selves. From the first card I pulled in January, Grandmother Spider, they have all been divinely perfect for exactly the energy that was needed that month. Mary Magdalene chose to come through in July and two of my events were scheduled for the same week, synchronistically aligning with Her Feast Day that I was unaware of and one of the woman at that months event had just returned from France for her 60th birthday celebration where she chose to visit all the sacred Magdalene sites. As the year unfolded it became clear that the Goddess was with us and showing up in perfect time with the perfect wisdom and gifts to guide us and support us through the many deep shifts we have experienced this year. We have moved through some intense Moon energy, a powerful eclipse season, the Lionsgate portal and all the while a chaotic shifting human experience unfolding all around us. The common thread through the moon messages each month and the astrological events was a clearing, a surrender, a letting go of ALL that no longer serves you and your unique path and purpose. So, as we entered August, the most powerful month this year with the eclipse energy, the Goddess who stepped forward and chose to guide us through was Kali Ma. Kali is the Goddess of life, death, destruction, transformation, endings and beginnings. She is the embodiment of Mother Nature. I admit I have avoided working with Kali, her power frightened me. But this time, I feel stronger, I welcome my shadow aspects and am excited to shed layer after layer of what has held me back for so long. So, daily I began lighting a devotional candle to Kali and offering Her a cup of water while chanting her chant, "Om Klim Kalika Yei Namaha" , and offering up my prayers, intentions, trust, and gratitude.

What I discovered in Kali was not something to be feared but a loving Mother, a Mother who would take from me what was dangerous to my soul, just as a protective and loving Mother would snatch scissors away from a child to keep them safe. I had completely misunderstood Kali all these years, I was afraid to let go of what I thought I needed to feel safe and whole. Since embracing vulnerability and trusting my path I do not fear what needs to leave my vibration to make room for the beauty already on its way.

I asked Kali in my daily prayers for a sign that she was with me and she continued to place undeniable signs on my path. And then in an organic turn of events on a fun day out with my Mom I find myself finally at Buddhas and Beads a place I have been trying to check out for a very long time. As I come around the corner what do I find....? A statue of Kali right at my feet! I have never seen a statue of Kali, I have seen Buddha, Kwan Yin etc... but never Kali! She found me and now she graces my Goddess garden where I can continue my devotion as I keep allowing the layers to peel away and bring even more clarity to my unique path and purpose.

I ask you this month to have the courage to let go and allow the unique and natural rhythm of your life to reveal itself to you. Explore where you have been following someone else's ideas of what is best for you and tune in to listen to your unique vibration and trust that. I can promise you from the other side of fear, it is worth it and completely necessary as we step into the new energy and awareness that is being offered to us.

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