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Keep Going...You're Worth It!

As we move into this Season of Thanks I am flooded with gratitude for all the blessings I have in my life. I spent so many years in fear, waiting for inner peace to take hold with all the inner work I had been doing on myself....and quietly, without any fanfare, bells & whistles, it happened. It was so subtle I almost didn't notice. One day I became aware that the anxiety I was so used to had lifted, the negative thoughts that had plagued me were gone....replaced by positive affirmations of my beauty and worth, the tension in my body had melted away....I found myself feeling good and truly trusting that my life was unfolding perfectly.

I was shocked!! I asked myself, how did it happen, how did I finally get here?? And all I can tell you is that I kept showing up for ME. I kept trying, I kept moving forward, I kept loving myself, I kept affirming my loveability, I kept aligning myself with people who are positive and happy, people who uplift and support me, I kept reading uplifting and encouraging books and articles, I stopped talking about my "issues", I stopped tuning in to all the pain and violence in the world, and I kept affirming my radiance and stopped focusing on my faults.....

......and here I, loving, embracing life. Trusting that my life is unfolding before me like a divinely perfect dance. Standing proudly in my genuine, authentic truth and sharing my gifts and my medicine with grace and ease. So, my Sisters & Brothers, .....if you have ever felt this way, if you have ever questioned your path, I ask Keep Going, you're worth it! There has never been a more potent time to wake up and stay awake. The world needs us now more than ever to share our unique expression, our gifts, our medicine. So many of us are feeling and experiencing these stirrings and it's time to act on them. We are at the threshold of an incredible shift and rise in consciousness. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.....


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