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This is an Inside Job of the Utmost Importance

I don’t know about you but I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with the prickly climate of our world these days. I trust that this is a process we need as a culture to bring the imbalances to light so we can transmute and transform the low vibration of humanity. I know that this is the falling of the patriarchy and the beginning of a balanced masculine and feminine energy model. If this is to happen, we need to address and transmute the lower masculine and lower feminine energies within our own selves so we can add to the shift of the collective in a positive way.

I am finding silence and inner contemplation a daily and sometimes hourly requirement. I have to withdraw from social media and limit my time around people who are desperately trying to hold on to that familiar low vibration and spend their time trying to convince me to do the same. On social media, people seem to have made it their personal goal & full time job to police other people’s behavior and beliefs instead of focusing on themselves and how they can heal and live as a better example. So, that is what I am choosing to do. I am going within to recognize all of the places that I am triggered by the energy of this climate and heal those parts of myself so I can raise my vibration and reside in a space of peace. Are there days when I get sucked in and just want to rant about all of the negativity, ugliness, sexual misconduct, lies, fears, hatred , racism and separation that I see? Yes.…but if I do that I am only adding to the same energy that upsets me which is only keeping it in motion and feeding the problem and keeping me in the lower vibration of fear and anger.

We have all been conditioned since the day we came out of our mother’s womb by our family, our culture, our society, the media, church, etc…

Do you even know how you really feel about anything?

Or do you blindly follow the masses because it is easier than self exploration?

Do you even know what YOUR truth is?

As we begin the Winter months of reflection- like Kali, Demeter, Persephone, Isis and Inanna it is time to journey to the Underworld to heal and allow your beautiful re-birth. It is time to unplug and go within to shed that cultural conditioning, tune in to YOUR truth, bring yourself back into balance and step into the unique rhythm of the life you were meant to live. Disrobing yourself of all in-authenticity and diving into your genuine, unique expression and sharing it with the world. You are the one you have been waiting for…..

This is an inside job ~ Will you join me in doing your part?

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